We are governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Fire Fighters’ Association of Ontario, most recently updated in October 2016.

The  current Constitution & By-Laws are here: FFAO Constitution & By-Laws – last update June 2017

Constitutional Amendments

As we approach the FFAO Quarterly Meetings, we encourage our members to become familiar with the Constitution and By-Laws the govern our association. Prior to each meeting, we will provide the details of all proposed changes and motions pertaining to this document. Following each meeting, we will make the changes public, so everyone is aware of the progress.

At each of our quarterly meetings, the FFAO executive/membership has the option to put forth motions for changes to our constitution or by-laws. The standard form to do so is here:
FFAO By-law Constitution Motion Form

The following amendments have been put forth for By-Law Section 2 – Officers Duties, sub-section 2.5.6 Education and Fire Prevention. Please make yourself aware of these motions, subject to a vote at the FFAO March 2017 Executive Meetin.

FFAO Constitution & Bylaw Amendment Form 2.5.6 Education & Fire Prevention