FFAO Convention 2015

FFAO Convention Report 2015

This year, we were welcomed by Wainfleet’s Mayor April Jeffs, and Niagara Region Councilor Alan Castleman, as well as Chief Flagg.

Jackie Mussel brought greetings from Fire Service Women of Ontario. I would like to quote Jackie on an important message: “Women are unquestionably newer and fewer to the fire service, and yet we stand ready to proudly and competently support fire departments, chiefs and firefighters to help integrate all of these capable and dedicated individuals into the frontline roles of protecting and serving our public.”

FFAO Ambassador Tiffany Lensilink brought greetings, as well as President of the Wainfleet Firefighters’ Association Gord Davies.

David Conner, who discussed mental health issues among Firefighters, including PTSD, presented the educational portion of the event. It was an excellent presentation with a lot of “Food For Thought.”

The PUB CRAWL was excellent, even if we never made it passed the first PUB…next year we will have to make an effort to reach Pubs 2 and 3.

I started to take pictures of each of the Gateways or Signs for each campsite, to add to the magazine, but I do not remember ever making it around the whole campground. The hospitality was just that awesome, (and that’s all I have to say about that).

Let’s start thinking Convention 2016!

The FFAO Convention for 2016 returns to Wainfleet and they need our support. Come out and enjoy yourselves, beginning the August Civic Long Weekend. It’s our Convention.  It’s our Training. It’s our Games. It’s our time to meet up with old and new friends…



Watch for Wainfleet at the FFAO’s October Quarterly meeting. They will have a map of the campgrounds and will be booking camping lots for 2016. Registration fees will apply. The Convention runs from July 24 – August 1st. 

Don’t forget with all the training being done on the campgrounds, it’s easy to be a spectator, or if you are really brave you could be a dummy in one of the auto-ex cars, to add reality to the exercise.

For a little more incentive; plan to attend the free wing night and enjoy the live band. You can even tour a wind turbine (now that’s the way to get educated). There is free WiFi in the library too, so you could stay connected to family back home.

The Wainfleet Firefighters will use the same excellent venue for the 2016 FFAO Convention as the 2015 event. We will be on the level baseball diamonds and soccer fields. Mayor April Jeffs said we did an exceptional job of protecting the grounds and sports fields for the kids in the community who use this space daily, and thus, has welcomed us back for 2016. Everything will be on site…THE TRAINING, THE EDUCATION, THE HOSPITALITY NIGHT, THE TRADE SHOW and THE GAMES. Come out and enjoy your Convention.

2016’s Convention is going to be bigger and better. Be there. Bring a friend. Enjoy.



We need a Host Department for 2017

Seaforth had to move their convention back a year due to a conflict with a local Festival, so we are looking for a fire department with space to host this great event. Let us know if you can help.

Tentatively the future Conventions look like this:

2017 – OPEN – no host department.

2018 – Seaforth Host Department.

2019 – Mount Forest Host Department.

2020 – OPEN – no host department.

2021 – OPEN – no host department.

If your Department would like to host a Convention, please contact me at convention@ffao.on.ca

Convention Chair

John Payne