Secretary Report

Hello everyone, my name is Veronda Brydges and I am the new executive secretary for the FFAO.

It all began at Sturgeon Falls when friends asked me if I would be interested in going to the convention for the trade show. I had responded that it was too far to travel just for a trade show and that it would not end up being profitable once you factor in the expenses. Upon looking further into the event we found that you could also do fire training for the week. So we signed up for the trade show and the training, hopped into our motor home and off we went.

We had an amazing time, did some awesome training with Drager and met lots of wonderful people. We had my Mother with us (80yrs old) and everyone bent over backwards to accommodate her. She got shuttled around on golf carts and got to go in the Memorial parade in the Fire Chief’s truck.

We then went to the May quarterly meeting in Wainfleet and, of course, the convention in Wainfleet as well. We participated in some very informative training for the week and had a great time, and met lots of new people. At the quarterly meeting I discovered they were looking for a new secretary and here I am!

I have never done anything like this before so please bear with me. I look forward to my new journey with the FFAO.

Veronda Brydges