The History Of The FFAO

We have a proud history that dates back to August 29, 1899, when the inaugural meeting of The Volunteer Fireman’s Association of Ontario was held in Toronto, Ontario. This was the beginning of our association.

Changes came on August 21909 in Paris, Ontario, when membership to our organization was made available to all Volunteer, Fully Paid, Partly Paid, exempt and Veteran Fire Fighters. With an increased membership status, we adopted the new name of The Fireman’s Association of Ontario.

On July 23, 1910 Letters of Patent were granted to the association. The first Constitution and By- laws were adopted at a meeting in Welland, Ontario on August 2,1910.

By 1963, to reflect the changes in the membership and the occupation itself, it was determined that the term “firemen” no longer conveyed a true representation of the membership. That year, we adopted the name, The Fire Fighters’ Association of Ontario.

Times Change

Over the years, quarterly meetings for the Fire Fighters’ Association of Ontario evolved from meetings strictly for the executive have evolved into agends that involve welcoming delegates, Life Members and visitors from across the province. Our Annual General Meeting and Convention is held annually on the first weekend in August.

Our organization has evolved with the times, but our mandate remains clear. The FFAO executive and its members have played, and will continue to play a leading role on provincial committees dealing with equipment standards, occupational health and safety, firefighter training and government legislation. The FFAO offers a united voice for all firefighters across Ontario.