Strategic Goals


Organize effective meetings and annual conferences:
  • Survey our members to gauge their preferences/ideas and pilot test a new format based on the results
  • Form an ad hoc committee to design a modern format for meetings and annual convention. Executive participation.
  • Involve the membership in meeting and conference agendas, based on survey results
Enhance partnerships and liaison with key organizations:
  • Partner with the Ontario Fire College to provide regular training opportunities
  • Partner with the Office of the Fire Marshal to continue to promote the activities of the FFAO
  • Host an information event day for local MPPs
Broaden the recognition of the FFAO:
  • Provide representation on behalf of volunteer firefighters and volunteer fire services  through participation on committees and technical boards in regards to changes in legislation, regulations, laws and certification
  • Providing a network opportunity for volunteer firefighters and volunteer fire services  to share resources and information to improve the safety to volunteer firefighters and volunteer fire services,municipalities and industry,  to improve the quality of service to their communities