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FFAO Quarterly Meeting

The Grand Valley Fire Station will be the host for our next FFAO Quarterly Meeting and we invite all our members to attend. FFAO QUARTERLY MEETING MAY 27

FFAO Executive – The FFAO executive had an important meeting, as we prepare for the 2018 convention. The executive and committee members are expected to attend this meeting.

Saturday, May 26,2018  – 13:00 pm – Grand Valley Fire Station

FFAO Membership – Active and future members of the FFAO are invited to attend the FFAO Quarterly meeting:

Sunday, May 27, 2018 – NOON – Grand Valley Fire Station

Our guest speaker will be Jennifer Grigg, with a special presentation:

“Body Language for Fire Service Personnel: Helping You Help Others.”

Jen has over 25 years in the fire service, most recently as an Instructor at the Ontario Fire College. Wanting to make an impact in a different way, she left the college in December and embarked on a 5 month journey in training and coaching. She began studying body language training in an effort to ex- pand on what she’d stumbled upon in her role at the college. As an introvert and recovering awkward person, she’d discovered that a slight shift in her stance increased her feelings of confidence and com- petence, traits vitally important in fostering credibility among the fire service members taking her courses.

Now that she’s completed her training and is certified by the Science of People, a human behavior re- search lab in Portland, Oregon, she’s on a mission to share what she’s learned