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Important message – Grandfathering policy


There are proposed released regulation changes to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act that will require mandatory certification of NFPA standards. Included in these changes is the brief opening of the “Grandfather” policy from 2014. This policy concerns the certification of Firefighters to the NFPA professional standards qualifications based on their experiences and/or training under the Ontario Fire Service Standards.

If you were “Grandfathered” back in 2015 you are already certified to the level you qualified for. If you did not meet the required qualifications in 2015 then you will not be able to apply for “Grandfathering”.

The opening in the new regulations applies to firefighters who met the qualifications of the policy in 2015 and were not grandfathered. This may have happened because several Fire Departments did not take advantage of this policy for a variety of reasons.

To take advantage of the opening of the “Grandfathering” policy you have until July 1, 2018 to apply. This does not give you a lot of time to gather documentation or obtain proof of experience.

Mandatory Certification Draft

Part 4 (2) 2.      Before July 1, 2018, the firefighter’s fire chief was given permission by the Fire Marshal to issue the firefighter a successful Letter of Compliance with NFPA Standards respecting the relevant standard under Fire Marshal’s Communiqué 2014-04, “Transition to NFPA Professional Qualifications Standards: Grandfathering

I have added the links to the grandfathering communique January 2014 and the proposed regulations to the FPPA at the bottom.

To help explain how to understand if you meet the requirements of being Grandfathered you will have to step back in time to 2015. All the requirements are based on what you had acquired before December 31, 2015. Any years of experience or training after that date do not count.

The Fire Marshall is considering only those departments that did not apply for grandfathering,(NFPA rules). He may consider individual firefighters based on the merits of the claim. So, if your department is one of the 104 departments that did not participate in grandfathering your department can do so now. If your department only grandfathered a few then please contact Jeri Ottley for an explanation.

If you have questions about “Grandfathering” or the proposed regulations, please feel free to contact Jeri Ottley. DO NOT PUT IT OFF AS YOU HAVE UNTIL JULY 1, 2018 TO APPLY.


To the proposed regulations:

To the Grandfathering communique: