WARNING – Advertising scam

warning – advertising scam

It has come to the attention of the FFAO (Fire Fighters’ Association of Ontario) that there are some publishing companies soliciting our vendors, members and other organizations. These publishing companies are offering advertising or sponsorship opportunities with fire fighting-related magazines on behalf of the Fire Fighters’ Association of Ontario.

The FFAO  has a sole contractual agreement with FRPO (First Response Publications Ontario) to offer such advertising opportunities with FFAO publications.

Please be aware that they are using such tactics as:

  • adjusting the location of the apostrophe or plural forms (Fire Fighter’s Association of Ontario)
    (Fire Fighter’s Associations of Ontario)
    (Fire Fighters’ Associations of Ontario)
    (Fire Fighter Associations of Ontario)
    (Firefighters Associations of Ontario)
  • unauthorized use of the FFAO logo on invoicing or sample advertising

If you are an individual or business that is contacted by a publishing company, it is in your right to ask for the following:

  • A copy of the letter of consent from the FFAO giving permission to the publishing to solicit
  • A contact name and number for the FFAO Media Relations

If you are an individual or business that has been contacted by a publishing company or have paid for advertising and feel that misrepresentation has occurred, please let us know and also contact your local Police Services or OPP detachment.