In Memoriam 2020-2021
Every year we say goodbye to friends in the Fire Service, whose lives are cut short either in the line of duty or beyond, but we never forget them.
With honor, we pay our respects to the following:
Deputy Chief Tim Berthiaume
Windsor Fire Department
Fire Inspector Arthur Herscovitch
Gloucester and Ottawa Fire Services
Fire Chief Jack Suess
Wainfleet Fire Department
Firefighter John Zantinge
Mapleton Fire Department
Fire Chief Jack Kay
County of Brant Fire & Emergency Services
Fire Chief Glen Peace
Hamilton and Burlington Fire & Emergency Services
Captain George Willis
Fergus Fire Department
Captain Larry Mason
Fergus Fire Department
Fire Chief John Thompson
Dundalk Fire Department
Fire Chief James Keay
Nipigon Fire Department
Fire Chief Terry Saelens
Tillsonburg Fire Rescue Services
Firefighter John Hoefnagles
Township of Warwick Fire Department
Firefighter Grant Copeland
Essex Fire Rescue Services
Captain Peter Reilly
Burlington Fire Department
Acting Platoon Chief Glen Sherwood
Toronto Fire Service
Captain Ed Kennedy
Toronto Fire Service
Platoon Chief Fred Hall
Niagara Falls Fire Department
District Chief/Acting Platoon Chief Doug Burlie
Toronto Fire Service
Firefighter Walter Waganka
Kitchener Fire Service
Fire Chief Verrall Clark
Brampton Fire Department
Fire Chief Ronald Burbidge
North York and King City Fire Department
Captain Peter Henderson
Minto Fire Department