Health & Safety

Health & Safety Section 21


The objective of the Ontario Fire Service Advisory Committee on Occupational Health & Safety under Section 21 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act is to advise and make recommendations on matters relating to the occupational health and safety of all firefighters in the Province of Ontario.

Secondary Objectives

To develop a Manual of Health and Safety Guidance Notes for fire services in Ontario. This manual will outline recommended equipment and procedures to be used by workers in the fire service to prevent injury or illness, and will comply with the intent and provisions outlined in the Act.

To ensure, as far as is possible, that the guidance is applicable and acceptable to both employers and workers in Ontario, and results in improved information being available to the fire service, to assess equipment and procedures against recommended practice.

All current details related to Section 21 can be found here: OAFC – Section 21

Sections Include:

  • Section 21 Alerts, Updates and Notices
  • Guidance Notes Out for Comment
  • Section 21 Manual
  • Section 21 Meeting Notes
  • Form for Comments on Section 21 Draft Documents (Updated Dec 2015): Section 21 Comments Form

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