Medal of Merit

How to Receive Medal of Merit


The Medal of Merit may be presented annually at the FFAO Annual Meeting for meritorious acts performed during the previous calendar year (January 1 – December 31). Nominations are to be forwarded to the secretary of the FFAO, no later than March 1st of the year of presentation.

The Award of the Medal Shall be Eligible to:

  • To any firefighter in the Province of Ontario
  • To regonize an act of Meritorious service
  • The award may be made posthumously
  • A firefighter may be nominated by person or organization in the Province of Ontario
  • Any nomination must be accompanied by pertinent information (alarm reports, newspaper articles, etc.)
  • Fill our our application ONLINE or PDF.

For more details contact: Jamie Hiller

Nomination Process

Do you know a Firefighter that went beyond the call of duty or took a risk to save a life?
If so, nominate them for the Ontario Firefighters Medal of Merit.

The following is a brief outline of the nomination process for the Firefighter’s Medal of Merit:

The Fire Fighters Association of Ontario (FFAO) began its origins in the fall of 1899 in the City of Toronto. In November, 1983 the Firefighter’s Medal of Merit was adopted into the FFAO Constitution and By-laws.

The Firefighter’s Medal of Merit may be awarded to any firefighter in the Province of Ontario for meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty. The Firefighter’s Medal of Merit maybe awarded posthumously.

Any firefighter or officer may be nominated by any person or organization within Ontario.

The Firefighter’s Medal of Merit is awarded in partnership with the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association, which is a 100% Canadian-owned company serving rural Ontario for more than 100 years. They take great pride in this longstanding tradition of recognizing the efforts and dedication of Ontario Firefighters.

Nominations are presented in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Firefighters Association of Ontario by the first of March each calendar year. The Medal of Merit committee will review the applications and make their selection by April 15. The President of the Firefighters Association of Ontario will make the announcement of the medal recipients at the May quarterly meeting.

The Medal of Merit is designed to incorporate the traditional firefighters Maltese Cross and the Firefighters Association of Ontario’s official seal (a firefighter carrying a person from a burning building).

The Medal of Merit is given out for one emergency event annually, where a firefighter or firefighters showed good judgement and took a calculated risk to save a life. More than one firefighter maybe awarded the Medal of Merit.

To nominate a firefighter(s) for the Medal of Merit please submit the following information:

  • Name and contact information of the person making the nomination
  • Name and contact information of the firefighter(s) being nominated
  • A brief description of the events, indicating how the firefighter took a calculated risk putting himself/herself at risk in attempting to save a life
  • Please ensure you include the time, date, location of the event and name of fire department that the firefighter belongs to.

Previous Recipients

The following is a list of names and dates of firefighters who have received the Medal of Merit or a Medal of Merit Citation.

Year Recipient Department
2012 Fire Chief Robert Lymburner Pelham FD
2009 Firefighter Ed Van Severn Brampton/Clearview FD
2007 No Recipient
2006 Firefighter David Canney Burlington FD (Kilbride)
2005 Captain David Sparling, Lieutenant Paul Kerr, Lieutenant Mike McDonald, Firefighter Rob Kolkman, Firefighter Mike Pawitch, Firefighter Jeff Josling,   Firefighter Herb Grovier Blyth FD
2004 Deputy Station Chief Larry Lewis Perth East FD (Sebringville)
2003 Captain Donald Pardo, Firefighter Jeri Ottley, Firefighter Pete Blokker Chatham/Kent FD
2002 Captain Edward Forester, Captain James Lowe, Firefighter Gerald Kers, Firefighter Derek Sheard, Firefighter Andrew Lowe, Firefighter Mark McKean, Firefighter Robert McKean, Firefighter Michael Payne Clearview FD (Stayner)
2001 Firefighter Daryl Brodhaeched, Firefighter Ray Ellis, Firefighter Dave Eveleigh, Firefighter Rick Richardson Mapleton FD
2000 Firefighter Travis Walker, Firefighter Harry Donkersgoed Mapleton FD
1997 Firefighter Paul Holland, Firefighter Mark Weber Minto FD (Harriston)
1995 Firefighter Mitch Cowitz Dundas FD
1994 Firefighter Edmund Hillier Halton Hills FD
1993 Acting Captain Donald Kee, Firefighter Ross Gonneau Brampton FD
1992 Captain Ron Russelo Leamington FD (Mersea)
1991 Firefighter Ken Boys Elora FD
1990 Firefighter Hank Williams, Firefighter Ken Beatie Alliston FD
1989  Captain Richard Burgin, Firefighter Warren Burgin Burlington FD, Stn. 4 Vol./ Flamborough FD, Waterdown Stn.
1988 Firefighter John Argue, Firefighter Gerald Gagnon Midland FD
1987 Firefighter Doug Andrews Halton Hills FD
1986 Firefighter Dave Holmes, Firefighter Tim Gingrich Elmira FD
1985 Firefighter Thomas Lasovich, Firefighter John Smits Port Colborne FD
1984 Firefighter Douglas Basterfield, Firefighter Jack Cameron Etobicoke FD
1983 Firefighter Gary Mugford Toronto FD

I apologize if I have made any errors or omissions in compiling this list. Please contact me for any further information or to make a Medal of Merit nomination at

Written By: Brad Patton, Member of the Board of Directors for the Fire Fighters Association of Ontario and Fire Chief for Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue.